• Categoría: RPG
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: 3.32 MB
  • Sistema: wXP Vista
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Monstrous epics of legend, all for you.

Perfect World, the makers of Blacklight: Retribution, Star Trek Online, PWI, Champions Online or War of the Immortals among others, are the creators of Raiderz, a free MMORPG with the soul of a science fiction movie, in which you'll be fighting with beasts like you've never seen before.

The Raiderz philosophy is clearly oriented in the direct play, without any side-tracking. Therefore in Raiderz there are no classes or dense arguments. You can customize your character with weapons and clothes that define their style of combat, like a magician, a monk, or a fighter.

The Raiderz weapons are not too sophisticated, consisting of beautiful clubs and strange swords and shields. But the fights in Raiderz are not only based on the handling of weapons, but you also have to combine strength with the use of powerful magic tricks if you want to stop the dreaded monsters.

And in Raiderz, the subhuman beasts collection is considerable, with monsters of legend like a kind of Yeti, a giant wolf, a powerful and huge spider, orcs, etc. Get a group of brave friends, and face the Raiderz action in its multiplayer mode.


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